The Cincinnati Bengals were looking for their 3rd win of the 2013 season after losing last week. It dint look like it was going to be easy to host Tom Brady and his New England Patriots. Dalton and his Bengals offense couldn’t get much going early, and the game turned into a defensive struggle.

It took Dalton almost the entire first quarter of football to get his number one weapon, A.J. Green involved. Once he did, he was able to move the ball a bit easier. The Bengals had to fight to get everything they could in the game offensively.

Andy Dalton went 20 of 27 in the game and didn’t throw any touchdowns, for the second week in a row. Dalton also threw an interception once he was in the red zone. That is something he never has done in his NFL career.

The Bengals only touchdown of he game come off a B. Green-Ellis carry. Cincinnati’s might receivers could only combine for 212 yards in the game, but it was all they needed to bring home the win today. The Bengals defense were the hero’s in this game.

They held Brady in check most of the day and they sacked him 4 times in the game. They continued to keep the pressure on him and they were able to take away one of Brady’s most potent weapons, a last-minute drive to win the game. Brady has done that 38 times in his career.

With the Adam Jones  interception with only 30 ticks left on the clock, the Bengals were able to hold on and beat the New England Patriots 13-6. The Bengals defense came up big in this game.

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