By Larry GLicken

Shonda Schilling sent out a tweet declaring her husband, Curt Schilling is done with his chemotherapy. Schilling was one of the great pitchers to ever play major league baseball. He won 3 world series rings, one with the D-Backs and 2 with the Boston Redsox.

Schilling has been in some battles on the mound, but nothing compares to the battle against cancer. Schilling annouched he had cancer in February and shortly after that underwent surgery. He has officially finished his Chemo but still has 3 more rounds of radiation left to get through.

Schilling was on of the best pitchers in post season play with a postseason record is 11-2 with a 2.23 ERA. This battle he is fighting now, has been tough on his body, but he is determined to throw strikes against this dreadful disease.

He has always been a winner and he and his family intend to win this battle too.

The Schilling’s have never said what kind of cancer it is he is fighting. Just keep him and his family in your prayers. Battling Cancer is a fight everyone needs help with.

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