For the second season in a row Aaron Rodgers is out of the NFL play-offs short of a Super Bowl. Rodgers couldn’t overcome the poor play of the Packers defense against the 49ers. The Packers looked like they could contend in the first half, once the second half started it was clear that Green Bay was in trouble.  Rodgers threw for only 257 yards, had 2 touchdowns and one interception in the game. Green Bay was out played by the 49ers defense with a quarterback that took over midway through the 2012 season.

The Green Bay Packers should have made better half time adjustments, they didn’t and the 49ers did. They came out for the second half of the game and looked a bit subdued. Rodgers needed a way to inspire his offensive teammates and he just couldn’t over come the powerful offense of the 49ers. Green Bay scored only 10 points in the second half and it once again showed that Rodgers has problems winning the tough game.

The 49ers defense was too tough for Aaron Rodgers and his Packers offense. Now that the post season is here for Rodgers and his Green Bay team, they will have plenty of time to think about what they should have done in the second half of this play off game. Rodgers has to find a way to inspire his offensive teammates to make the big plays in the big game. He needs to show that he is this Packers team leader.


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  1. haydee

    They played 2 playoff games this year….not 1

    • LG

      You are correct sir, totally had a brain frat there was still thinking of the Broncos and forgot about the win over the Vikings


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