Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers can now focus on playing the San Francisco 49ers after they won against the Vikings. For Rodgers this is a rematch to see if his Packers can beat the 49ers. This game is going to be a battle and Rodgers is going to have to play a great game to come away from S.F. with a win. The Packers defense is going to have to contend with the 49ers in a way that can stop Colin Kaepernick who can hurt you both with his arm and his legs. You can bet the Packers will be bringing the pressure to Kaepernick in this game.

Rodgers is going to have to strike quickly in the game to get his Packers in a position to deal with the 49ers young quarterback. The Packers know what is on the line in this game and they have got to find a way to slow down the 49ers offense. Rodgers had a good game against the Vikings to move to the next round of the play offs. One thing that is bothersome is the fact that Green Bay could put up any points in the 4th quarter. The Packers have to bring more pressure to the 49ers defense, they are going to need to put points on the board in all 4 quarters of the game.

For Rodgers, this is the chance to stand up and take control of the NFL play offs. He can show the world he has what it takes to win a big game if he can play without making any major mistake. I like the Packers chances of winning this game. I think Rodgers will do what he has to do to pull off a win.


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