The Green Bay Packers could find a problem with the Washington Redskins defense. Rodgers was able to throw for 480 yards and I’ll bet if we ask him about it, he would like the defense that Washington put on the field. The Green Bay Packers had a field day with the Redskins defense.

It isn’t that often that Rodgers has this much fun in a game. He completed 34 of his 42 passed with 4 touchdowns. The only thing Rodgers probably doesn’t like about the Redskins defense is the 4 sacks he took. Other than that, he probably love that defense.

He took what they would give him and they gave him plenty. It was one of his all time best games. The Packers are now 1-1 on the season and there is a lot of football left for Rodgers to get his team into the play offs.

The Packers are looking like a well put together team and Rodgers is looking like this could be one of his best seasons. If he continues to take apart defenses the way he did against the Redskins, it is going to be difficult to stop Green Bay this season.

We will see what happens when they play the Bengals this Sunday. It should be another big day for Rodgers.

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