Thanks to the great work of Aaron Craft The Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Michigan State Spartans scoring 21 points to lead all Buckeyes in scoring this afternoon. What can we say about Craft? This kid is one heck of a basketball players and a proven leader that helps to hold his Buckeyes together. Craft always performs at a level taller than he is. Today he not only out scored every one of his Buckeye teammates, Craft also outscored everyone on the Michigan State Spartans team too.

Craft as a Junior at Ohio State, continues to show he is one of the Buckeyes key players. He is to the Buckeyes as important as any player in the teams history. Craft is one heck of a player and today he put that on display having the best game of his college career. At 6’2″ inches tall, the kid plays with the heart of a giant. The Buckeyes won the game by 8 points and Craft out-scored any other play in the game by 7 points.

If Craft didn’t put on the display that he did, the Buckeyes wouldn’t have won today’s game. Aaron Craft grew into the shoes of a hero today.  Lets hope he continues to play at the level he played at today. If he does, the Buckeyes will greatly benefit from his abilities.




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