In a report published on USA Today, the writer graded the NFL’s rookie head coaches. Much to my surprise, he said Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has made things worse in Philadelphia for his Eagles team. I can’t understand how that’s the case.

The Eagles finished the 2012 season with only 4 wins. Sure Kelly has offensive problems, but the Eagles already have 3 wins and we are only half way through the season. Surely Kelly and his Eagles are going to win a few more games this season if he can get a quarterback to play without getting injured.

The USA Today reports said,  Coping Skills/Long-Range Vision: D. Problems are snowballing on offense. Kelly’s strategic thinking is still evolving, but Barkley’s unpreparedness and his poor fit with the scheme are red flags.

The writer also went on to say Kelly and his Eagles had no good wins. Here is what he wrote; Good Wins: None. Divisional wins against the Giants and Redskins were sloppy defeats of disheveled opponents.

Hey, I don’t know how all the Eagles fans feel but a win is a win. There are no videos in the win and loss columns, only numbers and if Kelly can finish the season in Philadelphia with more than 4 wins this season. I hardly see how he has made things any worse.

You have to wonder if some of these guys bother to watch the games. You can have a look at this report by clicking here.

As for grading the job Kelly is doing with the Eagles, I think we have to wait until the season’s end before we can make an honest assessment on how he has done.

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