Rumor has it golfer Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are talking prenup’s. If that is the case she should not settle for anything less than the 200 million dollar prenup Woods offered Elin Nordegren just months ago. It doesn’t take long for Woods to fall for a women.

It seems like he knows what he likes. He wants a women with a nice set of breasts, Blond hair and she has to be white.  Woods and Vonn could be jumping the gun a bit. To think about marriage this soon seems a bit strange to some.

Vonn must be pretty sure Woods is over his running around with dozens of women.  While Vonn brings some pretty nice assets to the table, it can be said that she doesn’t have anything Nordegren didn’t have. Yet it wasn’t enough for Tiger when he was married to the former Swedish model.

How can Lindsey be so sure she can retain Tigers full attention? After all, Tiger and his former wife had children together and he still went astray.  If Vonn was smart, she would make sure to get the same deal the golfer was going to put on the table for his former wife.

It does seem as though the 2 of them are rushing into this. She would be better off waiting a couple of years to see what happens first. They say a Tiger doesn’t change his strips and Vonn has to be hoping there is little truth to that statement. She is a big girl and she has to know what she is getting herself into….We wish the two love birds all the best.

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