Listening to a recent poll of Laker fans, 70% said get lost we’re better off without you to Dwight. 70% of  Laker fans are morons. With a bad back and a torn labrum, he averaged 17-12-2. That’s more points , rebounds and blocks than Marc Gasol, the person roundly chosen by talk show hosts regularly last year OVER Dwight – and I love Gasal. Loved him back when every fawned over his brother instead of him. Even hurt he’s the best center in basketball. Stop looking at his flaky personality off the court and look at him on it.

Healthy – whens the last time a team he was on won less than 50 games?????? Yeah the Magic had several really good players but no great ones. There was never another superstar on the team that allowed Dwight to take the night off and they’d coast to a win anyway, and still 4 years in a row of 50 wins. Laker fans say the courting of Howard is beneath them. Well the Laker fans may be stupid but the Laker organization surely isn’t, hence the hard core courting.

Now Cliff everyone seems to think the Rockets are the most likely landing spot. And they are probably right, good fit. But I still wouldn’t make them any slam dunk fav over OKC if healthy. However why wouldn’t Dwight choose Golden State over everyone. Would him in the front court with David Lee and that back court create a great big road block for everyone in the west, or am I missing something??? To me If he joined Steph Curry and they didn’t have to give up any player assets to do it, I’d look at Laker fans and just laugh and laugh and laugh….

Written By Clifford’s brother Kevin…..

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  1. johnny waynei

    whens the last time new york won a title.16 titles in LA.dwight will never get a title in houston im laugh laugh laughing,because hes a good player whos not going to win a title.barkley,malone,stockton.3 of my favorite players they deserved one.howard dont.

  2. deeJd

    Wow! How long did it take you to come up with this BS? Perhaps not as long as it is going to take for your Knicks to at least make the “finals” in this decade. You might want to spend your energy attempting to get JR less time in bars and more time working on his game…but then Melo has the ball…lmao!!!


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