The e-mail I sent to you guys before the season started when I said Idzik needed to fire Rex and keep Revis to my surprise got published. I never saw that coming. Of course when your thoughts are out on the public arena you’re open for criticism. Cool—I can take it. Personally I didn’t blame Idzik for trading Revis, Woody Johnson certainly told him he had to in order to get the job running a team in one of the best markets in the world. Additionally, few scouts would have done differently then he did with his first pick if they were in the same position. My problem is this organization’s penchant (if not love) for putting itself in these jacked up no win scenarios.

There were those who excoriated me for my take on the matter saying, basically, that getting rid of Revis was addition by subtraction and I was a spoiled fan that pouted when I didn’t get my way.


No, getting rid of the best player on your team when he’s also the best player at his position in the league is NOT addition by subtraction; it’s subtraction by stupidity, and if I whined every time the Jets did something I didn’t agree with I’d have written more articles than Lupica and Serby put together even if they each out lived Methuselah.

So now that our season has played most of it’s way out, I wonder what the idiot Jet fans who disagreed with me think now? Pro football focus (one the most respected websites in the country) this season rates Revis as the #1 corner in the NFL, based on yards, receptions, TD’s, completion percentage, ect. (Gee what a shock.) Meanwhile with one of the best front sevens in the game our secondary is the punchline of jokes in every bar from Sheepshead Bay to Istanbul. (What numbers would QB’s be putting up if Idzik didn’t draft Sheldon Richardson??)

In closing, for any remaining inbred morons out there, if you have the best player in your sport at his position and you trade him in his prime, the only reasonable expectation to get out of his successor’s performance-wise is LESS, not more. And Jet fans, far be it from me to rub salt in your festering wounds, but “Lam” Jones was a blessing from above compared to Dee Milliner.

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