37-year-old Charles Woodson has released by the Green Bay Packers, Woodson says he is not ready to end his NFL career. The problem is, his body can’t compete at the level required in the NFL any longer. Even though Woodson still thinks he can play in the NFL, it may be time for him to consider hanging up his cleats. The Packers moved Woodson from his usual spot at corner to safety to try and extend his playing time. It worked for a while, but he didn’t have a Charles Woodson type year and he may never be able to produce a Woodson type year again thanks to father time.

We all get older and we all slow down a bit. Woodson wants to play in the NFL and it will be something if another NFL team decides to take a chance on him. If so he will become the target down field that teams are going to test. If Woodson does get picked up by another team, he isn’t going to command the type money he would have made in Green Bay. At 37-years-old it just might be time for the great Woodson to consider retirement.

Woodson was one of the best corners in the NFL and he has no reason to hang his head. He has had a tremendous career and he played longer than most. He will find his way into the Pro Football Hall Of fame one day. But for now he has some difficult choices to make. Retirement should be one of them.

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