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Terrance had this statement to make;

Plain, point and simple—If Alexis Smith is the answer,  Harbaugh is an idiot who expresses nothing but propaganda about the 49er’s..  Why isn’t anyone writing how  Smith had two missed opportunities to connect with R. Moss that could on been 2-potential td’s?  The 49er’s archaic offensive schemes is diametrically opposed to Randy Moss football core competencies and functional skill domain.  It is absurd to even fathom that Crabtree and Manningham are ahead of Moss in in the depth chart.  They could not hold his jock strap even at 35!  Please kill all that propaganda that Moss is not a good route runner.  His stats refute this statement.  A one trick pony doesn’t catch 950+ and 154 rd’s (which includes 3-off seasons with bad teams).

Randy call it quits.

Clifford’s  Summery as follows;

errance your comments are among the most intelligent I’ve ever read about Randy Moss since he was first traded to the Raiders in 2005. When everybody (including rear-kissing retired Cowboy qb and current FOX analyst Troy Aikman) pronounced Randy’s career over, he was leading the NFL in yards-per catch (25.6 yards) that season before he rebelled against being used as a decoy in an offense that could have taken advantage of his incomparable skills as a deep threat (the best and most talented I’ve ever seen). So he shut down, although he also had hamstring issues as I recall, that slowed him even further. Then instead of bringing him back the following year, the Raiders decided that they’d be better off without him and shipped him off to New England where he set a record that still stands for touchdowns to this day (23). But Robert Kraft evidently had no intention of keeping Randy even after his unprecedented achievements because he selected Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski in the 2010 draft and began phasing Moss out of the offense before sending him back to Minnesota. For whatever reason Brett Favre ignored him too, as did the Titans where he was, once again, little more than an expensive decoy–a role he retains (and despises) to this day. I feel sorry for him, and actually hoped that he would have chosen to go to New Orleans this past off season where he at least figured to get the ball thrown to him a hell of a lot more than he does in Jim Harbaugh’s system. Heck, in Harbaugh’s scheme Randy isn’t even on the field for nearly 80% of the team’s plays.

I don’t care how much of a bargain basement deal the 49’ers got by bringing Moss in, I feel that they’re depriving true fans of the last opportunity to see someone with genius level skills before he retires for good–a taller, and even at age 35, FASTER version of former Cleveland Browns great Paul Warfield who was one of the very best deep threats who ever played



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Does Moss get the credit he deserves or the respect his career demands? Tell us what you think,leave your comments below……..

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  1. pierre mcnaulty

    randy moss is great niners need to use him/ also niners drive down the field get in red zone and stop doing what got them down the field bull shit

  2. Non-Bounty COntact

    It is fairly even-Steven.

    • Anonymous

      i am a 49er fan for life and i am highly disappointed in the way randy moss is being played and highly disappointed in the coaching of jim harbaugh.we are getting wins because of talent,not by coaching

  3. Anonymous

    harbaugh coach to kill the clock not to win games.if the 49er has a lead in the game he completely shuts the offence down trying to buy time instead of putting more points on the board and instead of relying on a inconsistant fg kicker


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