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Many child and sports psychologists claim that we are facing a crisis in youth athletics. It’s hard to disagree when you read stories of coaches fighting at youth game; a parent being accused of beating another parent to death after a hockey practice; an over involved parent who makes his child run home behind the car because he didn’t perform well in a game. Two years ago in our Little League, the police had to be called to a game because a coach had threatened another coach before the game telling him he was go to take him out in the woods and beat him. In my years of coaching baseball, that’s the most drastic incident locally that I’m aware of. Think of your own experiences as a coach or parent watching what occurs all the time in youth sporting events. I see on a regular basis parents who cannot keep their emotions in check and coaches who don’t understand the negative influence they are having on their players. You may or may not agree that there’s a crisis, but it’s hard not to admit that something’s wrong. Statistics show that about 73 percent of children who participate in organized sports quit by the time their 13.

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