Lets face it, 35-year-old Champ Bailey could have played his last game in a Broncos uniform on Super Bowl Sunday. Bailey is owed 9 million dollars by the team in 2014.

Do you think Elway is dumb enough to hand this cash over to Bailey who is on his way out of the NFL? Bailey is old. He can’t do the same things he did in prior years.

We have seen him out of the starting line up time after time with foot injuries, and we have seen him lose more than a step. He can’t cover the receivers like hi once did and it showed in the Super Bowl.

Bailey should be released by the Broncos. If they want to improve their defensive secondary, they need to bring someone in that can actually cover the receivers and break up some of the passes that burn the Broncos at times.

That player is no longer Champ Bailey. His days of being a top NFL corner has been slowed by father time. He knows it and Elway knows it. For the second season in a row the Broncos defense let them down when it really counted.

Last season it was in the play-offs when they let Flacco beat them. This year the Broncos defense could stop the Seahawks and it cost them a chance to be competitive in the Super Bowl.

The time for change to the Broncos defense is now, and the first change should be replacing Champ Bailey.

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