What a shoot out it was today in Dallas. Both Tony Romo and Drew Brees threw for over 400 yards as they tried to get their team a win. Cowboys Stadium was a place that saw 96 passing attempts today. The Cowboys had to find a win and they did what they could to try and mount a come from behind win. Romo and his Cowboys took the Saints into overtime by scoring 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter. That has been the Cowboys problem this season, they try and come from behind in too many games. Today was no different, the Cowboys found themselves in overtime with a chance to win just like last week. This time it did work in their favor. The Saints beat the Cowboys to hand them their 7th loss of the season.

Dallas has a problem, they will probably miss the play offs and they will be lucky to get to .500 on the season with a win in their final game. Tony Romo threw for 416 yards and 4 touchdowns in the game. It is another example of just how bad the Cowboys defense is this season. Drew Brees and his Saints have only won 7 games this season and the Cowboys gave up 446 yards through the air today. The Cowboys have got to get more help on defense if this team is going to be a real threat in the NFC East next season. The way things are going it looks like the new team to control the division could be the Redskins.

The Cowboys have to find a way to improve their defense. You can’t hold this loss against Romo when he is out there putting up this kind of effort.



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