If Randy Moss gets a Super Bowl ring this Sunday there could be some validity to his statement. That is if Jim Harbaugh decides to include Moss in the 49ers game plan. Moss hasn’t played the large role he could have this season. Harbaugh and his 49ers should have used Moss more often and Sunday they better. With the experience of a guy like Moss the 49ers could run away with the game.

Moss has 982 receptions in his career for 15,292 yards. If you go by the numbers he is way short of Jerry Rice type numbers. Rice had 1,549 receptions for 22,895 yards. So for Randy to come out and tell the media he is the best there ever was is a little misleading. Moss is good but he is not Jerry Rice. Another thing is Moss didn’t play with the type quarterbacks that Rice played with either. Just imagine if he did…. To be honest Moss is 3rd on the NFL all time receiving yards list. Behind Terrell Owens.


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