The world is watching as the mighty fall. Jim Harbaugh’s San Fransisco 49ers were suppose to have an easy walk back into the Super Bowl in 2013. It is looking anything but easy after three weeks. Colin Kaepernick is having a terrible time and he isn’t looking anything like he did last season.

Some of the fans say, it is the lack of receivers to throw to, others say it is Harbaugh himself that is the problem this season. I think the receiver theory makes more sense than bad coaching.  Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in the NFL and he knows quarterbacks.

Looking at the amount of yards Kaepernick has thrown for after 3 games, I am starting to buy into the lack of receiver excuse. The 49ers have only gotten an average of 229.7 yards per game out of Colin’s arm.

Considering he is playing in a NFL that is abandoning the run, less than 230 yards per game isn’t going to get it done, especially in the West. You got to give this kid some weapons to throw too, this is where Harbaugh could share the blame.

The 49ers knew they were going to have problems coming into the season and they didn’t address it properly. Now they have lost 2 games in a row and are sitting at 1-2 on the season. What are they going to do to correct this problem, that is what the fans want to know.

One fan even said bring in T.O.. I doubt that is a solution but could certainly help the 49ers. They should reach out to Moss and get him back in San Fransisco.

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  1. Calvin

    What we have here is double standard.Under the same conditions you blasted Sam Bradford whereas you have decided to give Kap a pass.Talk about being a hypocrite.

  2. Abe

    it is not kaps fault here at all we already lost crab maningham and davis I hope davis return soon we need him bad its to hard to depend on just boldwin our rookies need to to step it up and get open there looking slow out there and don’t wanna try to even get open for kap i do agree we need to at least talk to moss or chad or even TO but I have noticed our off line any giving kap any protection earthier he don’t have any time to look for any open receivers. And we need to start running the ball more. And were even worse on D lost aldon lost colliver so whet now on D and who knows abut willis but our D needs to step it up to and fast…….

  3. Johnson

    lol 49ers what a joke.

    After week 1 beating Green Bay for 400 yards who had 2 backups in their secondary, everyone was saying “See! No Crabtree, No Manningham, No Problem.”

    After 2 losses “We’re losing b/c we don’t have Crabtree and Manningham”

    • Anonymous

      That name is appropriate

    • Anonymous

      your a joke.

  4. Seattle49er

    The problems begin with poor 2012 and 2013 drafts. Right now Jenkins has more receptions in the game than Baldwin and Patton combined. The only other player from the 2012 draft worth mentioning is James but he is hurt and not playing. Remember the 49ers had a plethora of draft picks in 2013? They got Carridine and Lattimore whom, unfortunately, are unknown potential players on NFI. Complicating matters include inept game plans for the last two games, recent signing of a FB instead of help in other areas of need, major distraction of Smith’s personal affairs which should have been addressed in the off-season (the beer bottle to the head, etc) and the perchance of Harbaugh hiding problems from media and fans. Let’s not speak of Gore and his fustrations. The culprits for this situation are: 49er management focused only on their new stadium, GM Baalke, who’s decisions are reminiscent of McCloughan (McClueless) and Harbaugh’s ego. The real measure of failure would be if Kansas City, with Smith and Jenkins, come out with a better record than the 49ers.


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