By Larry GLicken

Who  would have thought before the kick-off that Jim Harbaugh would have watched his San Fransisco 49ers team play to a tie with the St. Louis Rams? The 49ers should  have walked off with a win against the  Rams. You have to wonder how huge of a loss losing 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was to the teams attitude. Harbaugh and his team had a chance to put the Rams away in the O.T.. Both teams missed field goals that would have given either team the win. Harbaugh has to be pissed this morning waking up and realizing his hard hitting 49ers defense couldn’t control Sam Bradford and his St. Louis offense.

The 49ers are clearly a football team that should know how to win a game like this. Harbaugh watched as a team came in a beat his team that only had two wins this season until the tie yesterday. When you are playing a divisional rival you have to take advantage of the situation to put a win on the board.  The 49ers fell short and kicked away an opportunity to move to 7-2 on the season. Harbaugh and his team have to find a way to put away a team like the Rams if they have high expectations this season. If they can’t win against the Rams what is going to happen  come play-off time? Could the 49ers be in for another season where the team falls short of their goal?

You have to give Jeff Fisher his props, he had his Rams ready for this game..

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