It’s nice to see the Philadelphia Eagles welcome back Riley Cooper back with open arms and leaping chest bumps in the end-zone. The story that caused a divide on the Eagles is now in the history books and it is time for the Eagles to get back to the business of playing football.

Riley Cooper returned from his brief leave of absence and showed he is worth his weight in gold to the team. He caught 3 deep passes in 11 on 11 drills and this teammates were thrilled. They seemed to accept Cooper back and they showed him he is part of the team.

The Eagles are going to need Cooper this season. He has the ability to get down the field and make plays. The team is going to need him more now then they did a few days ago. The team just lost one of the WR’s with a tear to his ACL.

The players are glad Cooper is back and linebacker DeMeco Ryans had this to say; “It doesn’t matter what the people on the outside think. As a team, I think we’re fine; we’re fine with Riley coming back today.”

Safety Patrick Chung had this to say; “That thing’s over. We’re a team.” “We’re not letting any of this get to us.” Was Cooper forgiven in the locker room? “Absolutely.”

Forgive and forget and move on to playing some good football. That seems to be the theme for the Eagles this season. It’s a good thing for Cooper. And Cooper is a good thing for the Philadelphia Eagles…..



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