I am convinced Ndamukong Suh is an aggressive player for the Detroit Lions. His over-aggressiveness goes over the edge sometimes. Years ago the NFL would have accepted this kind of play.   Suh would have fit right into the NFL back then.

He is a product of bad timing, he comes into the NFL at a time the league is trying to make the game safer. Years ago teams would have loved to have this guy on their roster. He is the kind of player that intimidates other team’s.

This was common practice back in the day. Suh needs to calm it down a little in the modern day NFL that the commissioner wants to make into a flag football league. A guy like Suh has no place in Goodell’s NFL.

The league is proving that by fining him 100,000 dollars for his antics in last Sunday’s game. This is the largest fine in the history of the game. Is the NFL going over the top by imposing a fine this large?

I think they are. They don’t like the aggressive plays from players like Suh. The NFL is afraid that is they didn’t do something like this to him, they would be exposed to law suits. Lest face it people, this is not your fathers NFL anymore.

Soon, players won’t even be able to tackle others. Is this what we want?


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  1. robert l holmes

    they fine suh a 100,000 but what did they fine the mattawes for his out of bounds hit on sf qb now that was dirty


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