By Alyssa Noe

The second round of the 2013 NFL Playoffs is quickly approaching. This weekend will certainly have some nail-biting win or go home’s between the 8 team’s still standing. Saturday, January 12th is scheduled to have Ravens vs. Broncos at 4:30 then Packers vs. 49ers at 8.  Then on Sunday, Seattle will play the Falcons at 1 followed by Texans vs. Patriots at 4:30. Here are my predictions of how the weekend will roll out, but lets get one thing straight, this is post-season; anything can go, and that my friends is the beauty of the game.

I think everybody who follows football understands Denver is the favorite to win over Baltimore.  Let’s face it, the Ravens are the worst team left and I personally think they just had a really good game against the Colts, on offense and defense. It also helped that Suggs, Lewis, Ngata, and Reed were all healthy and on the field together. But this game isn’t against a rookie QB and a developing team; this game is against Peyton Manning. I think Peyton is too good of a leader and at the end of this game, I think the better QB will take the W home, hands down.

Green bay vs. San Fran. I can not wait. This will certainly be a hard fought battle and I can see it ending very close. Personally, I believe The Pack will take the win. I just can’t see Rodgers falling short. His quarterback skills are spectacular. What this guy can do outside of the pocket is nothing short of amazing. If the O line blocks long enough to feed Aaron time, he will almost always find a receiver down field. From what I’ve seen, the line has been looking pretty good. I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge fan of Colin Kaepernick, I think he has so much potential. Let’s face it though, he’s still very young. You have Rodgers who soars in situations like this, because he’s been through it so many times. I just don’t see Kaepernick outplaying Aaron, but if their defense outplays Green Bay then I think we’ll have ourselves a game.

Being from New York, I despise the Patriots. But, I’ll give it to them; they have this game in the bag. The Texans have been looking okay, especially with their win over the Bengals but I don’t think it’s enough to outplay the Pat’s. I’m sure the 42-14 loss to New England in regular season has been dwelling in every Texan’s head. Like I said, anything can happen in post season but I just don’t see Tom Brady and the Patriots falling short.

I’m extremely excited for this one, Seattle against Atlanta. I’m really rooting for the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. They looked excellent against Washington and I think they’re coming into this game with a good attitude. As for the Falcons, they’ve had trouble running the ball all season. I think this will be a huge setback for the offense if they can’t figure it out. In the end, I think Seattle will take the W.

Predicting even further, I believe it’ll be Manning vs. Brady in the AFC and Rodgers vs. Wilson in the NFC.  From there, I really don’t know. but this is looking like an exciting playoff season.

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