By Alyssa Noe

Being a New York Mets fan isn’t an easy thing. When you are one, you’re a die-hard and have stuck through all those upsetting downs and the rare, magical highs. Once September rolls around, fans get into it yet again because the playoff months are over. Predictions are conversed, hopes are displayed, and the season is off. I’m going to start all this hype a little early. What will the NY Mets bring to the table for the 2013 season?

First of all, let’s talk about their pitching lineup. The clear-cut front runner is R.A. Dickey. He had a phenomenal 2012 season with 230 strikeouts, 20 wins/6 losses, and a 2.73 ERA. All of this was enough to land the knuckleball pitcher the noted Cy Young Award. He’s been a beacon of light for Met fans last season; a consistent pitcher that can get the job done, something they haven’t had in a little less than 30 years with Dwight Gooden. The question is, will he return? He swears to be committed to the team when others have passed him up, but is that enough? It seems that the Mets are more interested in signing third baseman, David Wright before they begin with Dickey. This is definitely a good thing being as David is a huge component of the team, but if they don’t jump on R.A. with big money others soon will.

The organization may want to trade Dickey, though. He has done a great job on the mound but other needs for bettering the team may outweigh his chances of resigning. The Mets desperately need another right-handed slugger in the lineup. At this point, Wright and Davis aren’t enough power-hitters to get runs on the board. Personally, I don’t think they’ll trade Dickey. He’s been a huge component of the team and to put it simply, fans love him. But, we’ll see what happens.

Besides Dickey, their pitching lineup seems to be loaded. Johan Santana, the infamous no-hitter pitcher, will return and hopefully have an injury free season. I don’t expect too much out of him, maybe an average pitcher at best for the next year. Jonathon Niese proved himself last season to be an important part of the lineup. He isn’t a dynamic pitcher but has skills that will land him a good amount of wins. It looks like Matt Harvey will stay also. With 3 wins and 5 losses, it doesn’t seem like this guy a very big part of the team but I think he’s a talented young pitcher and am excited to watch him grow. Hopefully Dillon Gee gets healthy because if he does, he will become a key aspect of the rotation. He’s a phenomenal number 5 starter, one of the best in the league, and if he can keep himself off the disabled list then I have high hopes for the NY Mets rotation; something I haven’t been able to say in years.

This teams pitching line-up is really what I’m most excited for. As for every other aspect, I’m sort of so-so. I will be mortified if they trade Wright. He has been a glimmer of hope since he arrived and hasn’t dulled out one bit. Once they traded Reyes I was disappointed but we still had Wright, which I’m sure got a majority of fans through it. The fan base, publicity, devotion, and trust in the team will make a plummet if they go through with a trade so in their best interest, they shouldn’t even think about it.

As for all the other resigned players, I hope they really work at bettering their game in the off season. This team has and always will be the Amazin’ Mets. They deserve something more then 162 games. I hope the franchise continues building and can add a third World Series trophy to their collection.

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