The 2000 players taking on the NFL in a Law suit have been faced with trying to function in life after suffering brain trauma. The fact is the NFL does very little to help these players that have all kinds of benefits available to them. One of the problems is the players know very little about these benefits. The NFL does little to make sure these guys know what is out there to help these guys. Some people think the only reason these players are suing the NFL is because they are out of money. Not True, there are all kinds of players in this suit. Guys like Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett, former Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Troy Aikman and others.

You can’t say Troy Aikman is broke. This guy has done all kinds of things outside of the NFL to generate income. Sure some of these guys may be out of money, others have plenty of cash left. The NFL players who play in the league for four years get benefits once they reach 55 years of age. If they make it to the age of collecting their Benefits then they are taking care of. The players who play multiple years in the NFL face more chances of suffering the long-term effect of brain injury. The real question here is if the NFL knew the long-term effects of head injuries or not. Many think they may have, they wouldn’t want to hold their stars out of the games. This would have a direct effect on how well the teams would play if their stars were to sit out with a concussion.

Watch this video, we have Anthony Dorsett Jr. talking about the long-term effects of Brain Trauma and Kip Watson from Neurosports who has been studying the long-term effects of Brain Trauma for years. I think you will find this show very interesting and an eye opener to the long-term effects of brain trauma.



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