John Elway was hoping his Broncos could get off to a great start this season, after all he went way out on a limb signing the quarterback he thought was going to dominate the game the way he did before falling to neck injuries. Some close to Elway have said, the Broncos executive vice president is wondering if he made the right move signing Peyton Manning.

So far in the three games Manning has played in, he is ranked 20th in the NFL for passing. Manning has completed 69 of his 115 attempts, he is averaging just 275 yards per game and has only 5 touchdown passes to his 3 interceptions. Manning has been sacked 8 times in the three games and each time he takes a sack John Elway has to be wondering if Manning can get up.

John Elway knows his Broncos have to do a better job protecting his investment, he knows his Broncos receivers have to do a better job catching the football. In the back of his mind he knows Peyton Manning may not have the arm strength he had before the multiply neck surgeries too. Elway also knows 96 million dollars is a lot of money for a guy who may not be able to take his Broncos where he wants them to go.

Elway has to figure out a way to turn things around in Denver, there is still a lot of football left, the Broncos can turn things around and Elway knows that too.

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